Liz Sevcik & Alexis Thompson: A Family Franchise Venture with Chicken Salad Chick

Chicken Salad Chick Meal

In the spirit of Mother’s Day, we honor the entrepreneurial journey of Liz Sevcik and her daughter, Alexis Thompson, as they gear up to launch their Chicken Salad Chick locations in Texas. Their venture is a testament to family collaboration, with Liz bringing her compassionate insights from nursing and education and Alexis adding her fresh perspective from her teaching experience. Together, they are set to create a legacy with Chicken Salad Chick, embodying the brand’s core values of love, service, and joy.

From Personal Passion to Franchise Vision:

Liz, a seasoned nurse and teacher, found her calling with Chicken Salad Chick during a visit to one of our locations at her other daughter’s college. Her immediate connection to the brand’s mission, and the amazing food, sparked the idea of starting a family-operated franchise.

“My passion with CSC started when I visited the location in Oxford, Mississippi,” Liz reflects. “Once I tried the food, I was hooked! It was amazing, and I craved it often. So every time I visited my daughter, I said the first place we must go is Chicken Salad Chick!” This inspiration led her to partner with her daughter, Alexis, who, influenced by her mother's enthusiasm for the exciting franchise opportunity, embraced the entrepreneurial path alongside her.

A Future with Flavor and Family:

Liz and Alexis, though new to the franchising world, bring a fresh perspective to the Chicken Salad Chick family. With plans to open their first location in Midland, followed by Odessa and San Angelo, Texas, they are eager to blend their communal values with the brand’s mission.

"We've heard a lot of positive feedback in our community, and we're just ready to get out there and offer some good food and spread joy!!" Liz shares, emphasizing their commitment to making each location a welcoming, family-friendly space.

Cultivating Community and Connection:

Beyond their familial bond, the duo is deeply rooted in their local community. With Liz and Alexis’ leadership experiences and connections to educational and philanthropic networks, they are well-prepared to infuse their Chicken Salad Chick locations with a strong sense of community involvement.

"We want to be present in our restaurant as well as our community. I believe brand recognition goes a long way, especially in West Texas," Alexis states, highlighting their intention to be active, visible leaders in their establishments.

Embracing the Journey Together:

For Liz and Alexis, this venture is more than just business; it’s a shared journey that reflects their life’s work and values.

"We've done everything together our whole lives, living just 5 minutes apart, so diving headfirst into this venture felt natural," Alexis says, underscoring their readiness to embark on this new chapter as a team.

Their mutual support and dedication to family and community are the cornerstones of their upcoming success with Chicken Salad Chick.

Legacy of Service and Joy:

As they stand on the cusp of opening their Chicken Salad Chick locations, Liz Sevcik and Alexis Thompson’s venture into the franchising world with Chicken Salad Chick is a beacon of inspiration. It shows that with familial bonds, shared values, and a commitment to community, success is not just a possibility but an impending reality.

Discover how you can bring the joy of Chicken Salad Chick to your community, driven by passion and purpose. Contact us to explore our franchise opportunities today and start your own journey of service, family, and flavor.

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