New Orleans Welcomes Chicken Salad Chick: Meet the DiPaolas & the Springs

Chicken Salad Chick Meal

In the vibrant heart of New Orleans, a much-anticipated Chicken Salad Chick franchise is gearing up for its grand opening in 2025. Leading the charge are Bill DiPaola, his wife Anne, and their business partners Tiffany and her husband, Paul Spring. This team exemplifies a profound blend of entrepreneurial spirit, overcoming personal challenges, and a commitment to community enrichment, aligning seamlessly with Chicken Salad Chick’s core mission to spread joy and enrich lives.

The Franchise Flavor: Choosing Chicken Salad Chick

Bill DiPaola, a seasoned franchising veteran, explains the natural fit of Chicken Salad Chick with their values and experiences. "I certainly have been doing franchising for many, many years," Bill shared, "I've served as a franchise executive, been involved in operations, and worked on the supplier, franchisor, and franchisee sides—covering every aspect you can imagine in this industry, especially in restaurants." His extensive franchising background and involvement as a member of the Legislative Action Group for the International Franchise Association have prepared him well for this endeavor.

Tiffany, with a longstanding appreciation for Chicken Salad Chick's menu, expressed her personal connection to the brand. "I ate it every day in high school for four years, I was always very sad that we did not have one here in New Orleans. When I lived in Florida for a bit, I would go to Chicken Salad Chick at least twice a week and often used their catering for my lunches," she recalled. Her passion for the brand sparked the decision to bring the franchise to their hometown, hoping to fill a gap in the local food scene.

Community at the Core: A Recipe for Giving Back

Bill and Anne have always prioritized community involvement in their business operations. Anne, a stage 3 cancer survivor, and Bill, an advocate for the homeless and those in need, resonate deeply with Chicken Salad Chick's philanthropic efforts and values. "When we thought about building our own business, we wanted to build something that really shared our values. That was a lot of where this started from," Bill stated, underlining their alignment with the brand's ethos of giving back to the community through support for cancer research and food insecurity.

Their community engagement isn't just about business growth but also about setting an example for their daughters. "It’s important for our daughters to see us achieve; kids, in general, need to see their mothers achieve. What I love about Chicken Salad Chick is that they value female achievement," Anne emphasized, reflecting on the importance of female leadership and empowerment, themes central to Chicken Salad Chick's culture.

Serving Soon: The Countdown Begins

As they prepare for the launch of their franchise, Bill, Anne, Tiffany, and Paul are not just looking forward to bringing Chicken Salad Chick's beloved dishes to New Orleans but also to embedding themselves into the fabric of the community. Their commitment to community service is evident in past initiatives and will continue to be a hallmark of their new franchise.

"We are signed on for four locations and are looking at potentially making some acquisitions," Bill revealed, showcasing their ambitious expansion plans and commitment to the Chicken Salad Chick family.

A New Chapter of Flavor and Fellowship

With their franchise set to open in 2025, the team is set to make a significant impact both in the franchising world and in their local community. Their efforts extend beyond the kitchen; they are actively involved in community building and philanthropy. They participate in local food drives, sponsor community events, and plan to use their restaurants as venues for community gatherings and fundraisers.

As we anticipate the opening of this new chapter for Bill, Anne, Tiffany, Paul, and the entire Chicken Salad Chick family, their story unfolds as one not just about food, but about family, overcoming challenges, and the joy of giving back—a narrative that promises not only business success but also a legacy of positive community impact.

Experience the joy of Chicken Salad Chick in your community. Contact us to discover franchise opportunities and begin a fulfilling journey of service, family, and mouth-watering flavors.
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