Memorial Day Holiday Prep

CSC Owners,

It's a holiday weekend which means Friday is a little crazy at The Chick.
Historically we have seen a 25-30% increase in business on Friday before
Memorial Day. There will be considerably more pounds of chicken salad sold
as folks prepare for long weekends at the lake and the beach. Ramp up
production today for your Friday business to handle the increased demand.
Capitalize on the revenue opportunity by having enough product to sell.

Also, for the locations that are closing on Monday, keep in mind that you
will need chicken salad for Tuesday's business. You will need to have your
production team come in on Monday and prepare your product for Tuesday's
business. We have always paid those who come in for these types of shifts
1.5X wage and have never had any problem finding those who are willing to

You will not need product for Monday since you will be closed so your
Saturday production of chicken salad will not be necessary.

Hope this helps for those who haven't experienced a Monday Holiday at the

Let me know if we can help!

Kevin Brown

Founder & President

Chicken Salad Chick

(334) 219-0300

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