Chicken Salad Chick of Ruston

1301 Maxwell Blvd,
Ruston, LA 71270
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Chicken Salad Chick of Ruston

1301 Maxwell Blvd
Ruston, LA 71270
(318) 217-8494 Get Directions
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  • Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Monday to Saturday 10:30 AM - 8:00 PM
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Meet the Owners

A Healthy Place to Eat in Ruston

Serving Southern Inspired Bites & Hospitality

Need a healthy place to eat in Ruston? Instead of grabbing greasy food for lunch, turn to our fresh offerings at Chicken Salad Chick of Ruston, from chicken salads to our signature sandwiches, we offer options for the whole family! All of our chicken salads are made right in house using premium chicken tenderloin and the freshest ingredients we can find. Combined with our secret blend of spices and herbs, we offer southern-inspired flavors that will surely keep you coming back for more. With our ever-expanding menu of options, we are sure to offer a chicken salad – and so much more – that is sure to satisfy.

Some of the favorites our menu features include:

  • Classic Carol – The one that started it all. This all-white shredded chicken, combined with finely minced fresh celery, creamy mayonnaise, and our blend of secret spices.
  • Olivia’s Old South – An upgraded version of a classic, this blend is a true southern tradition that combines sweet pickles and eggs to create a mouth-watering combination.
  • Sassy Scotty – Why is this one labeled “sassy?” Our zesty blend of ranch, bacon, and shredded cheese is sure to become your next favorite on our menu. We know it’s ours!
  • Fruity Fran – Looking for something a bit sweeter? This refreshing blend of Fuji apples, seedless crunch grapes, and juicy pineapple is sure to become your next summer favorite.
  • Jalapeño Holly – Might need a glass of water with this one. The name says it all: diced jalapeños galore. A spicy chicken salad for the most daring in your group.

No matter the chicken salad you pick, we’re confident you’ll love it! If you’re not in the mood for chicken salad, we offer a variety of other options to keep you full. From creamy pimento cheeses to specialty crafted sandwiches, our menu is much more than the average chicken salad.

Whether you’re looking for a place to catch up with friends or lunch help you power through the rest of your busy day, we’re confident that we can help. From our southern hospitality found in our dining rooms to our convenient and easy-to-order to-go options, our friendly and courteous team members are ready to serve you the southern taste you’ve been missing!

If you’re ready to taste why Chicken Salad Chick is quickly becoming a favorite in Ruston and beyond, explore our full menu and start your ordertoday!

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    1301 Maxwell Blvd Ruston LA 71270
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    "Great food. Great service."
    1301 Maxwell Blvd Ruston LA 71270
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    "Best chicken salad that I have had in a very, very long time"
    1301 Maxwell Blvd Ruston LA 71270
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    "Love the chicken salad"
    1301 Maxwell Blvd Ruston LA 71270
  • 0 5 5.0
    1301 Maxwell Blvd Ruston LA 71270