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QSR Magazine Talks About Chicken Salad Chick’s Secret to Franchise Success

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Here at Chicken Salad Chick, we think that treating our customers like close friends and showing them true Southern Charm and Hospitality is no big deal because it’s part of our culture. But, as it turns out, our culture and the experience we are delivering to our guests is unique in the restaurant space. In fact, the popular QSR Magazine® graciously praised us and our approach to franchising and food service in a recently featured piece!

The Charming History of Chicken Salad Chick

In the article – you can view the full piece by clicking here – they shared our story, starting with our founder, Stacy Brown. She began Chicken Salad Chick out of her own home in Auburn, AL, selling her original chicken salad recipes door-to-door so she wouldn’t miss out on time spent with her little ones. Unfortunately, she didn’t have a proper license to sell food from her own kitchen, no matter how insanely popular it had become in her hometown, and the local health department shut her operations down.

Rather than giving up, Stacy doubled-down and opened her first official location with her business partner and future husband, Kevin Brown. The concept rapidly took off and two more were opened not long later. Fast forward a few years and a list of 100+ people who wanted a Chicken Salad Chick in their own hometown, and the successful restaurant franchise is now at 130 locations operating in 15 states.,

A Unique Guest Experience

The unique menu and Southern hospitality that comes naturally to Chicken Salad Chick draws guests from both far and wide. Our store owners actively engage with local communities, showing a passionate dedication to our bigger purpose of spreading joy, enriching lives, and serving others. When a new Chicken Salad Chick location opens, it is not just a fun new place for a delicious bite, it is a new cornerstone in the community!

We believe Stacy Brown says it the best, though: “The addictive nature of our delicious homemade chicken salad may bring people in the door, but the memories they leave with are created by our amazing owners and team members that understand what our purpose is and what drives us as human beings. We all want to feel acknowledged, validated, and loved. It is our goal, through our service, that guests leave our restaurants feeling special!”

Chicken Salad Chick is Looking for New Family Members

The Southern Charm and Hospitality that QSR Magazine recently praised is not only pleasing for our guests, it is also great for our franchise owners. Our unique and friendly approach to food service brings in loyal customers with just one bite, making it a treat to own and operate a franchise location. On the other hand, our franchise owners were recently surveyed by Franchise Business Review, where we ranked above the industry average on overall satisfaction of owning a franchise with us. We love our owners and are extremely grateful that the vast majority of them continue to grow with us!

Are you interested in joining Chicken Salad Chick and opening a chicken franchise location of your own? Please feel free to view the steps to becoming an owner, learn about investment information, and browse available territories near you. More information is also available by contacting us online.