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Our Craving Credits program

Download Our App & Reap the Rewards

At Chicken Salad Chick, we see every guest as a friend—and we love sharing with our friends! When you download the Chicken Salad Chick app from the App Store or Google Play, you can begin earning points to redeem for amazing rewards, like complimentary food items, special discounts, and Chick gear. You’ll earn one point for every dollar you spend in our restaurants—two during special Double Points days; just scan the barcode on your receipt every time you visit. We’ll even give you your first 25 points just for joining. Plus, as a Craving Credits member, you’ll receive an Original Chick meal on your birthday—no charge! It’s just one of the ways we spread joy.

Download the Chicken Salad Chick App from the App Store or Google Play!
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Craving Credits FAQ
  • How do I scan my receipt?

    Open your Craving Credits app and navigate to the “Scan” tab. Position the receipt’s barcode in the center of the scanner, and your points will be added to your account.
  • I had points, but now I’m not seeing them. Where’d they go?

    You may have created a new account on accident. Select “More” at the bottom right of the screen, then “Edit profile” and check the email address associated with your account. If it’s a different email address than you previously used for your Craving Credits account, please reach out to [email protected] – we’ll help you consolidate your points on one account.
  • It is my birthday month, but I don't see my birthday reward.

    Your birthday reward will be added to your account 1 week prior to your birthday and will be valid for 30 days.

  • How do I edit my profile?

    Select “More” at the bottom right of the screen, then “Edit Profile.”
  • How do I change my email on my profile?

    Please email our team at [email protected]
  • I have not received the email verification to create my profile.

    Please email our team at [email protected]
  • How can I reset my password?

    Select “Forgot Password?” in the bottom right corner of your home screen. A reset link will be sent to the email associated with your Craving Credits account.
  • I’m receiving this error message when attempting to reset my password: Uh Oh! Sorry, there’s a problem… There seems to be an iss

    The error message you are receiving means that you used a social login option when you originally signed up for the Craving Credits rewards program, so please attempt to login with Facebook, Google, or Apple to access the app.
  • Have I added the points from my receipt to my rewards balance?

    Verify that your receipt has been added by selecting “More” then “View Activity.”
  • My receipt doesn’t have a barcode.

    This means the points from this receipt were automatically added to your account when you made your purchase. You can verify that your receipt has been added by selecting “More” then “View Activity.”
  • What do I do if my receipt will not scan?

    Please select the “I’m having trouble scanning” option underneath the scan feature. This will allow you to manually enter the barcode number on your receipt.
  • Do receipts expire?

    Yes. Receipts expire after 1 week, so be sure to scan your receipts within 7 days.
  • How do I verify that my Double Points were added on Double Points Day?

    When you first scan your receipt, the “Success” screen will show you the base earned points on the purchase – the single points value. Double Points will be added as two separate transactions in your “View Activity” screen.
  • How do I purchase a reward?

    Simply visit the “Rewards” tab and scroll down to the“Rewards Store.” You’ll see your points balance and the rewards eligible for purchase.

  • Do rewards expire?

    Yes. Expiration dates vary, so check for them underneath the “Redeem” button in your “Ready to Redeem” list.

  • I have more than one reward in my “Ready to Redeem” list. Can I use them all at once?

    No. You can only use one per purchase. Rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.
  • I accidentally purchased a reward in the rewards store that I didn’t want.

    Please email our team at [email protected]
  • How do I redeem a reward while ordering online?

    Before you begin your online order, you’ll need to purchase a reward from the Rewards Store or enter an eligible Promo Code, which will add a reward to your “Ready to Redeem” list. Once the reward is added to your app account, select the “Order” tab in the app to begin your online order. Upon ordering, select the “Rewards Available” button to see the rewards you can apply to your order.
  • Can I redeem more than one reward on a single catering order?

    No. You can only use one reward at a time, and rewards cannot be combined with any other offers or discounts.

  • Are online orders automatically added to my Craving Credits points balance?

    Yes. Be sure to check out using the same email address that you use for your Craving Credits app account.
  • How do I cancel or modify an order that I placed online?

    Please reach out to your local Chicken Salad Chick to cancel or modify an order.

  • Can I earn points on catering orders?

  • How can I link my Craving Credits account to my catering client profile?

    Go to “My Account” on the chickcatering.com portal
    Scroll down to “My Loyalty Card”
    Click on “My Loyalty Card” and go to “Lookup Loyalty Account”
    Enter phone number or email address to lookup account, click submit and “Link Account”
  • Can I redeem a reward for FREE Chicken Salad Chick merchandise when placing a catering order?

    No. Only “catering rewards” can be redeemed against catering orders. Catering rewards include $10 OFF, $25 OFF, Free gallon of Iced Tea or Lemonade, Free Cookie or Chocolate Crispy Bites tray.
  • Will catering points show up in my account immediately?

    No. Due to the credit card process for catering orders, points may take up to 3 days to appear in your account. However, you can see points earned in your “view activity” tab on your Craving Credit app. Catering order activity is also available via your online ordering account under “order history”.
  • Need more help?

    Please email our team at [email protected] with your Craving Credits questions!
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