President & CEO

As the Presient & CEO for the company, Kevin is responsible for providing leadership to position Chicken Salad Chick at the forefront of the industry.

He is also responsible for developing and overseeing the strategic plan we've put in place to advance Chicken Salad Chick's mission and objectives, while promoting revenue, profitability and growth as an organization. Kevin will also oversee company operations to ensure production effeciency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources, company wide. Building and maintaining effective relationships while functioning as a business liaison between our franchise community and the corporate office is important to Kevin, as well as having some fun along the way! 

Kevin is the fellow founder of Chicken Salad Chick, having believed early on that Stacy's idea and product was far too good not to pursue. He has worked tirelessly over the last five years to improve and enhance processes, applications, and the company's position in the QSR arena.