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At Chicken Salad Chick, we offer you a complete "experience". Whether it's the delicious food, our southern style and charm, or the spectacular customer service, we hope to provide you with a superb experience every time. As a full service deli, we offer dine-in, quick carryout, and also catering for any occasion and any size affair. When it comes to catering, we will be happy to tailor our offerings to suit your needs. We can prepare it for pick up, deliver to your location, or even have our staff come set up your special event. When entertaining a large group, let Chicken Salad Chick take on a bit of the burden by offering a fresh, delicious meal that is sure to make your guests appreciative of their host.

Chicken Salad Chick's Superb Catering Services - Tips to Get Started

1. Choose a Serving Style: You can choose whichever best fits your event needs. Will it be buffet style with Party Platters where guests can make their own selections, or box lunches for the most convenient grab-and-go selections?

2. Choose your Chicks: Now is when it gets fun! Do you want to go with our Classic Carol, or surprise people with something spicy or sweet? Select a single flavor or get a combination of your favorites, or even add in some deli sandwiches and pimento cheese for those non-chicken salad lovers. If you need suggestions, we’re happy to share our most popular options with you. 

3. Don’t Forget your Fruits & Vegetables: Each of our side salads are made fresh daily and are sure to satisfy even the pickiest eater at your party. You can choose between Broccoli Salad, Grape Salad, Pasta Salad, Potato Chips, and Fruit Salad. Can’t decide? Get one of each! 

4. Need Something Sweet?: A savvy host knows a meal just isn’t complete without a sweet ending. Take your pick from our freshly baked assorted cookies or our decadent strawberry dessert platter and you’ll please everyone!

5. Don’t Forget the Sweet Tea!: Do you have some southerners who wouldn’t dare attend a party without sweet tea? Well, don’t forget it then! We also have unsweet tea and lemonade available by the gallon and bottled water just in case!

Our catering menu includes chicken salads and side salads by the pound, specialty platters, executive box lunches and beverages by the gallon. To see a complete menu with prices, click here. 

Zelda Place
3070 Zelda Rd.
Montgomery, AL 36106
United States
Phone: (334) 517-1378
Fax: (334) 517-1359

Monday - Saturday
10am to 7pm



Justin and Cassie


The founders of Chicken Salad Chick, Kevin and Stacy Brown, feel the most important character trait necessary to be able to run a successful “Chick” is to have a servant’s heart. Each franchise owner has been carefully selected and proven to be passionate about serving people. “Our Story” was written by Stacy when the very first Chicken Salad Chick opened and we thought it would be fun to share the stories of how our owners became involved.

                                                Meet the Owners
                                                    Justin & Cassie Boyd  

Justin and Cassie Boyd operate the first Chicken Salad Chick franchise ever awarded. This young couple grew to love the brand as loyal customers and when they found out that franchises were available, they both said, “We have to be a part of this”. After meeting with founders Kevin and Stacy Brown, the Boyds made their pitch and were subsequently awarded the Montgomery, Alabama market, where they had just moved.

“From that day forward, there was no looking back and we were forever a part of Chicken Salad Chick and everything it represents,” Cassie and Justin said.

Their first location, on Zelda Road in Montgomery, opened in October 2012 and the second location, located on Vaughn Road, opened in February 2014.

“Our passion for this brand fills our hearts and we truly believe that it was in God’s plan for us to be a part of the Chick family,”    Justin and Cassie Boyd.

What is a fun fact about yourself that your guests may not know?

Justin loves to play golf, hunt, and play the guitar.

Cassie loves to sing, play golf, and act goofy with our son.

Tell us about your favorite customer testimonial.

“I just had to take the time to write a “real note” to you about my experience at the Montgomery location of Chicken Salad Chick.  This was my first time visiting, though I’d heard great things about it.  When I arrived I noticed how super clean the restaurant was.  Then I was warmly greeted by the staff.  It was already very busy even at 11:30am.  Even with the constant flow of customers, the staff was impressive.  My order was quickly taken by Tianna L. and she could not have been nicer.  Each employee greeted everyone with a smile.  As I dined with my friend we kept commenting on the steady stream of customers.  The line was out the door by noon, yet the employees quickly took orders and kept everything flowing smoothly.  Even the girl emptying the trash was happy and cheerful to others.  So I just had to let you know that your Montgomery store truly impressed me.  I loved the food, but I have to say the very pleasant experience I had there will bring me back.” -Sharon McGhee

What is your favorite Chick?

Justin: Olivia’s Old South

Cassie: Cranberry Kelli

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Latitude: 32.354165700000
Longitude: -86.264661800000