Decadent Local Dining and Catering in the Atlanta Area

When you visit Chicken Salad Chick in the Atlanta area, we hope you feel like you’re coming home! Our concept offers guests a “custom-fit” chicken salad experience, with 15 original flavors to choose from. Whether you prefer your chicken salad traditional, fruity, savory or spicy, we’ve come up with a flavor for every taste bud!

Casual Dining

Dining inside our restaurant is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle going on outside. Order when you arrive, and don’t forget to ask for samples of our 15 different flavors so that you can find the right Chick for you! If you do not have time to stay swing by the Quick Chick to grab a few pounds of chicken salad to take home and enjoy all week!

Local Custom Catering in the Atlanta Area

If you live in the Atlanta area and need some easy and delicious food for your next event, call us at the Chick! Our catering specialists can help you create the perfect party platter for your guests, accompanied by our freshly made side salads and desserts. Don’t have time to pick up your order? We’d be happy to deliver and set up your food so that you can focus on making everything else fabulous!

Tips to Get You Started in Atlanta area

  1. Choose a serving option: Our caterers can help you choose between buffet style party platters, or custom-boxed lunches for your event.

  2. Get the Chicks: Which Chicks do you want included in your order? You can stick with the classic flavors, or get a bit daring with something spicy!

  3. Pick Your Side Dishes: We make each of our side salad options fresh daily. Order vegetables with our broccoli salad or keep it sweet with our grape salad. Please all of your guests by ordering one of each!

  4. Sweet Endings: It is not a meal without one of our delicious cookie trays or fresh strawberry platters to finish the party. Order one of each and satisfy everyone's dessert craving.

  5. Order Beverages: Please those Southern tastes with our sweet tea by the gallon, which you can complement with an order of lemonade or water.

East Cobb - Providence Square
4101 Roswell Rd, Suite 811
Marietta, GA 30062
United States
Phone: (770) 565-3985
Fax: (770) 565-3986

Monday - Saturday
10am to 7pm

[email protected]



Three Chicks

The founders of Chicken Salad Chick, Kevin and Stacy Brown, feel the most important character trait necessary to be able to run a successful “Chick” is to have a servant’s heart. Each franchise owner has been carefully selected and proven to be passionate about serving people. “Our Story” was written by Stacy when the very first Chicken Salad Chick opened and we thought it would be fun to share the stories of how our owners became involved.

                                  Meet the Owners
                                   Don & Carol Schrader
                              Frank & Kay Lynne Mitchell
                                    Tom & Cheryl Melton

The three chicks, Cheryl Melton (Nutty Nana), Carol Schrader (Classic Carol) and Kay Lynne Mitchell (Kickin' Kay Lynne), each have a unique relationship with Stacy Brown, Chicken Salad Chick founder.

Nutty Nana is Stacy's mother, and Classic Carol and Kickin' Kay Lynne are both aunts.

“We watched Stacy grow from a little girl playing in her pretend kitchen into the beautiful young woman who created the delicious 15 flavors of Chicken Salad Chick,” they state.

When Stacy and her husband, Kevin, decided to franchise, the chicks were invited to each of the grand openings.  

“We watched as each guest fell in love with the chicken salad and left so excited to tell others about their experience. We knew we wanted to be a part of this,” they add.

So, Nutty Nana, a family therapist, Classic Carol, an insurance litigation examiner, and Kickin' Kay Lynne, a social worker, all joined together to open Chicken Salad Chick in Marietta, Georgia.

What is a fun fact about yourself that your guests may not know?

“I spent four months in Marietta with a Russian circus”- Kay Lynne Mitchell

Tell us about your favorite customer testimonial.

“This is the best chicken salad I have ever eaten AND my husband just came back from the bathroom and said I’m beautiful!”

What is your favorite Chick?

Classic Carol, Nutty Nana, and Kickin Kay Lynne, of course!

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