Letter From the President

The Chicken Salad Chick Foundation has been a vision for Stacy and me for several years now. Within just a few months of opening our first Chicken Salad Chick location in Auburn, Alabama, the opportunity to positively impact lives became very apparent to us. While chicken salad and the restaurant were our initial focus, we soon realized that was just an avenue for a bigger and more fulfilling purpose. 

The decisions we were then faced with were choosing a cause to support and ways in which to contribute to the cause. Like so many times along this journey with CSC, our Heavenly Leader showed us the way. On November 6, 2013, I was brought to my knees with words I will never forget. After adjourning an all employee meeting and walking back to my office, I was met by Stacy and my mom (Miriam) and dad (Woody). Teary eyed and saddened Stacy said to me, “the tests show that you have multiple tumors on your liver.” At that moment, every ounce of energy in my body left me and I collapsed to my desk. Like so many that hear this type of diagnosis, the thoughts of mortality rush through your mind. Reflections of what could I have done differently, how could I be a better husband, father, leader and Christian filled my thoughts. 

Following multiple doctors’ visits, tests and scans it was determined that I had Stage 4 Colon Cancer that had spread aggressively to my liver. My oncologist, Dr. Edith Graves’, prognosis that chemotherapy would be a part of the rest of my life was discouraging. It was at that point that a voice spoke to me and said, “This is your opportunity for much greater things. Use this in ways that will impact those around you.”

 From that moment forward, I knew that contributing to finding a cure for this incredibly devastating disease was where my focus should be placed. The number of people that are directly or indirectly affected by cancer is mind numbing. According to the American Cancer Society, 1 in 2 males will be directly impacted by cancer in their lifetime and 1 in 3 females will be impacted. These are staggering numbers. In the U.S. alone there are nearly 600,000 people who die each year due to cancer. There has to be a cure! The Chicken Salad Chick Foundation is partnering with the American Cancer Society in efforts to find a cure and help those who are going through this difficult and trying battle. We are committed to raising funding to make sure that those 600,000 deaths in the U.S. each year is reduced to zero.

We have also chosen to focus our efforts on ending hunger in America. We feel as a restaurant concept, founded with an appreciation for health and family, feeding families in need, closely aligns with who we are as an organization. Food insecurity in America is real and affects 1 in 6 people. This is a troubling statistic in a country with such wealth and education. It impacts every community in every state across this land. Because of that we are partnering with the Chicken Salad Chick locations in the various markets and their respective food banks and food pantries. 

Owners of Chicken Salad Chick restaurants are chosen to become owners primarily for their heart to serve and their desire to impact the lives of others. Their participation in this hunger initiative is a testament to their giving spirit. We feel through this foundation we will have tremendous opportunities to impact the lives of those in need and in doing so help secure the future of philanthropy by setting a positive example across the Chicken Salad Chick organization. The hands and feet of this foundation will stretch far beyond our awareness of it. Whether it is fighting cancer or feeding the hungry, it is our blessing to be able to offer this avenue to impact the lives of so many.


A. Kevin Brown

Founder and President, Chicken Salad Chick