QuickBooks Tip: Using the Built-In Calculator

Did you know...that you can use a built-in calculator in Quickbooks to save time?

1.  Click in the field where you want to make the calculation.  You can do calculations in any numeric field, such as dollar amounts in registers and quantities in transactions. You can't calculate time entries, check numbers, or dates.

2.  Type a number followed by +, -, *, /, or =.

3.  On the paper tape that appears, enter as many numbers and operators (+, -, *, /, or =) as you need to complete the calculation. You can enter numbers as large as 9,999,999.99.

4.  To enter the calculation result in the field, press Enter or Tab, or click anywhere outside the boundary of the tape.

Try it!  It's so simple and now you don't have to reach for that desktop calculator or search for another app.