Founder & VP of Brand Development

Stacy Brown, Founder & Vice President of Brand Development, is truly the "Chick" that started it all. Stacy created Chicken Salad Chick based off of her desire to find the "best chicken salad ever", and after much experimentation, she's satisfied that our "Classic Carol" is exactly that. Inspired to create different chicken salad's and name them after "chicks" who have loved, helped, and supported her along the way, Stacy has led the creative side of the company to reach where we are today - 15 Chicks, Multiple Locations & Thousands of Fans!   

In her role at the company, Stacy is the face of the Chicken Salad Chick brand to both franchise owners and customers, playing a key role in imparting the culture and customer experience of the Chicken Salad Chick concept. Stacy will work with the Director of Implementation to provide the guidance and direction for decor and layout of all restaurant locations. Additionaly, she will work closely with the Director of Marketing to develop and design new products, special promotions, and marketing strategies for the entire company. Stacy takes a very hands-on approach and will work with the Director of Training to assist in and ensure all franchise owners, managers and staff members learn and understand the Chicken Salad Chick philosophies, policies and procedures.