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I would like to invite everybody to share ideas and best practices for operational growth and any ideas for Catering. We need to fine tune our practices to allow for a professional presentation and delivery of our brand. I have been in Catering for 10 years and have a million best practices that I believe will allow us to improve our current catering practices, however I think that there are hundreds of us out there with lots of ideas and I would think if we all shared, then that would give us the best chance of finding the best one that will work for our concept. 

Thanks in advance for your input !

Brandy McDonald


Catering Best Practices

I think we need Large and small paper bags with handles to transport catering and large orders. This allows for more sturdy transport and the product will arrive in good condition. I also think that we should provide smaller bags (either paper or plastic) for small orders to go & for customer that are dining in and just want a little bag to take home.

Soup Catering

We need Ladles for catering large soup orders.



I agree

I agree

Catering Trays

We should have a smaller size tray for cookies.

Cookie Trey

Use bakery Boxes.


I agree on the smaller tray for cookies. I also would like a shopping bag for catering and even in the store for large pickup orders A larger bowl for sides when we have an order for 50 or more people and some type of container to put our forks in when catering.


What about tactics? What is everyone doing to get offices, guest, or reps to order with you over other catering options?? What are some wow factor ideas going forward??? One for us has been pushing the points on the app to pharma reps for their catering orders. " If you order a $250 lunch for a office, that is a $25 gift card for your own personal use or towards your next catering order" That has been a great selling option for us!!


Each day I have an appointment that I have scheduled in advance with a prospective company. I usually serve 12 guests. The person planning the tasting invites 11 of her coworkers that also order catering. I always send a meeting request via email with comments explaining the purpose, the fun we will have and for each guest to bring a drink. I bring 1 mini croissant platter with 3 different flavors (usually CC/FN and either KKL or SS). I also bring 2 pounds of grape salad and broccoli salad and 1 dozen cookies. When the guests are seated, I take some time to explain our concept and describe everything I brought using verbatims. While they are eating, I talk about the importance of using our app with catering, how to place an order, minimums, delivery fees, etc. In just about every case, with good follow up, the orders begin arriving within 3-5 weeks.