Christmas Party Ideas?

Has anyone thrown a team Christmas Party in the past? We are looking for some suggestions. Did you host it at the store? Did you order pizza or bring food? Just want some advice from anyone who has any ideas!


Christmas Dinner - Huntsville

As owners, Bob and I are hosting a very informal, but traditional Christmas dinner for our team, catered by a neighboring "meat 'n three" restaurant. Thursday, Dec. 4th, 8:00, in our restaurant. Tacky Christmas sweater optional. Christmas music playing. After the first quarter of business that we've had, and the work we've put them through, they deserve it! During dessert, there'll be Secret Santa gift exchanges (not to exceed $5), and after, our GM will be presenting "mock" framed certificates of appreciation and a short (and hopefully amusing)narrative about each and every team member....the "Butterfinger" award to Jacob, the sandwich line guy, who cut his finger on the first day of operation and rushed to Dr. Bob for stitches. The "Golden Broccoli" award to James, who preps broccoli at the speed of lightning.....and so on. A short and sweet "thank you speech" from the owners, and it's a wrap. I would appreciate gift ideas for team members. Our group is diverse, and large (currently about 36 on staff). We're thinking either small hams/turkeys, or Wal-Mart gift cards (probably the latter). And of course, they ALL would like $$. Your thoughts?