Counting Sub pies in Revel

I have looked in Revel under reports then went to the product mix to see how much each individual team member sold of our LTO,  I have discovered it counts the entire pie and each one sold for 1.99. Is there a way to figure out how many team members sold a "sub pie"? Thanks!


Check the Modifiers Box!

Good afternoon and THANK YOU for using the discussion board! Great job! When running your report in Revel, you need to make sure both the details box and the modifiers box is checked. This will show you both the LTO-Slice and the Sub Pie, which will show up under Gourmet Chick, Original Chick, Kids Meal, and Thrifty Chick (if that's in your system). In regards to the whole pie, the system does show it as a single item, so when my team calculates numbers of total slices we sold, each whole pie counts for 12 slices. You can do the same when you calculate your in-store sales. Hope this helps! Ali Rauch