Employee Discounts

What has been the best practice for the employee discount program? What percenatge do you allow? What times do you allow them? Do they have to eat on site? Is there a certain dollar amount that can be spent per discount?



The Owner/Manager Training Participants of August




70% up to a $7 cap with no discount on pounds. They are allowed to eat off site. When arriving or leaving a shift. TN001 and TN002


70% up to $6.64 cap WITH discounts on pounds. They can eat on and off site once per day. They can eat during their break after lunch rush. This encourages employees to buy pounds and meals. AL007 AND AL008


We offer a 50 percent employee discount on all food. We do not offer discounts on retail merchandise and party platters.

Employee Meals

We allow our employees to eat on site only, nothing to go! Original Chick value or less.