Ideas to Increase Brownie Sales

Any suggestions for ideas to increase brownie sales? Should we do a flyer, display something at the counter, etc?


Definately do a display

Definately do a display brownie at the POS counter. Be sure to put a sign that it is "display only", as many have tried to sample it. Use the flyer Ali sent today. We are putting them in every to go bag and with to go boxes. Also leaving a stack of them on POS counter next to Catering menus.


WE haven't exactly been tearing up the brownie sales, so I walked up to the sales counter, gathered around all the cashiers and announced a one-day contest. Whoever sold the most brownies, that day, with a minimum count of 10, would win a brand new, crisp $20. We sold 31, our best day yet. Money still talks.............. MS