Shift Leaders/Key Holders

Does anyone have any best practices on how to initially hire shift leaders/key holders and what their pay should be?

My initial plan is to wait two to three weeks after opening to promote a couple employees that stand out from the others and increase their pay ~15%. I would want them to feel comfortable opening and closing the restaurant, placing a food order, scheduling, and any other task that a manager would handle should there be a reason that the manager cannot make it in.

Let me know your thoughts!




Shift leaders

Josh, First of all, thank you for utilizing this tool. I hope that your fellow owners will follow your lead and use this resource to improve communications amongst owners and help us execute on this concept at a world class level. I tend to agree with your thoughts on identifying a shift leader once you have opened and see who your all stars are. I would probably stage their pay increases as they learn the different components of running the shift. For example, once they are proficient at food orders, they receive a certain wage. Once they are proficient in inventory management and control, they are bumped to the next wage rate, and so on until they can run the perfect shift. We can assist on identifying those critical management components if you need help in that area. I feel like communicating this type of compensation plan does two things. First it shows your team member hat you believe in them to run the business and secondarily it tends to give the team member incentive to be proficient at all components in a expedited fashion.

Shift Leaders

Hey Josh. I hope all is well. The shift leaders will usually begin to stand out as the duties and responsibilities of the entire team become more comfortable. We like for our shift leaders to be cross trained in as many capacities as possible. The knowledge of FOH and BOH for a key holder that would potentially open or close is important. I agree that the person that takes on the added responsibility should be compensated for it and it will hopefully encourage others to take on more responsibility and learn more aspects of the operation therefore making them more valuable to your business.

Shift Leaders

I agree that you want to wait to see who your key players are before choosing who your shift leaders will be. Also keep in mind that KNOWING how to run a store doesn't necessarily make you a good leader. Our shift leaders also need to be a good TEAM leaders. A good leader has a servant attitude (Hopefully we only hired people who are faithful servants.)A good leader has followers. A good leader knows how to step back and see the big picture while also paying attention to the small details. Let's not forget the importance of SERVSAFE. In GA,it is law that if that shift leader is the only MOD present in the store for that shift, they must be Servsafe certified.