Carolyn and Bob


The founders of Chicken Salad Chick, Stacy and Kevin Brown, feel the most important character trait necessary to be able to run a successful “Chick” is to have a servant’s heart. Each franchise owner has been carefully selected and proven to be passionate about serving people. “Our Story” was written by Stacy when the very first Chicken Salad Chick opened and we thought it would be fun to share the stories of how our owners became involved.

                                             Meet the Owners
                                               Bob & Carolyn Gosselin  

Carolyn and Bob had lived in Orlando, FL, for almost 30 years when Carolyn, a marketing and public relations veteran, was asked to consult with Chicken Salad Chick to assist in developing the brand positioning, marketing materials and initial media relations initiatives as the new franchisor began attracting franchisees.  Carolyn traveled from Orlando to Auburn about twice a month.  Soon, her friends began texting her, asking her to “bring some Fancy Nancy, Buffalo Barclay and Cranberry Kelli back to Orlando.” So, Carolyn began “running” chicken salad across the border and delivering it to houses across Central Florida.  That’s when she knew that the product was special and she wanted to open stores of her own.

Now, convincing Bob was a different matter but after she drafted the business plan and they spent time with founders Stacy and Kevin Brown, Bob was “in.”

One hitch:  The franchisor wanted all of the first franchises to be within a four-hour radius of Auburn (Orlando was eight hours away.)  So, Carolyn and Bob chose Tallahassee -- the economy in the area was strong, Carolyn grew up in Monticello just east of Tallahassee, Bob graduated from Florida State University and their son attended the University.  So, the Gosselins are currently making their home in Florida’s capital city and enjoying introducing Chicken Salad Chick to North Florida.

What is a fun fact about yourself that your guests may not know?

Carolyn is a die-hard University of Florida Gator and Bob is a faithful FSU Seminole.  Football season is fun at their house -- especially when they serve Buffalo Barclay with corn chips (and maybe a little wine.)

Tell us about your favorite customer testimonial.

From the moment we walked in the front door of Chicken Salad Chick, I knew this was going to be an awesome place.  From the gorgeous photographs of local landmarks to the hilarious menu descriptions and framed advice on the bathroom walls, they have created a wonderful mix of Southern sass and class. It was as if Julia Sugarbaker had finally realized her secret dream of running a restaurant. 

There were fifteen different chicken salad recipes on the menu.  Fif-teen.  I counted. 

I sampled a few before ultimately deciding on the Cranberry Kelli.  There was just the right amount of, well, everything..  All of the soups sounded terrific, but I was especially intrigued by the Chicken and Artichoke Florentine.  I’m not even gonna lie, y’all.  I definitely did the “yummy dance.” 

What’s that? How was the tea?  The “house wine of the South” is such a simple concept and yet so many places can mess it up so badly -- an unforgivable sin around here.  Let me assure you, this tea was freshly brewed and perfectly sweetened.  They nailed it. 

 So get ready, Tallahassee!  We have a new chick in town and you have just got to go meet her.   

What is your favorite Chick?

Bob loves Olivia’s Old South -- a perfect combination of chicken salad, sweet pickles and eggs. Carolyn, on the other hand, is a Cranberry Kelli girl. But for a party, both recommend Buffalo Barclay, Kickin’ Kay Lynne and Jalapeno Holly.  You just can’t go wrong.